Spring Tonic was developed for assistance in supplying nutrition, flushing toxins and improving the flow of stagnant energy that we tend to store from time-to-time. Simply put, this tonic is great for times you feel like you need a detox or strengthening your overall well-being. The herbs we forage are herbs that emerge in the Spring because mother nature knows it's exactly what we need after a long cold, stagnant Winter. Herbs are foraged locally, in New Jersey, and made in small batches.

Dandelion | popularly known for its cleansing properties of the liver and urinary organs. Gets the lymphatic system moving and cleanses the blood because of its diuretic and astringent action. We use all parts of the plant.

Chickweed | an old school remedy for constipation, bowel issues, vitamin C deficiency, and even skin problems. However, chickweed is much more than this. She is a spring weed that shines like a star. Beneficial for so many functions. Primarily known for it's skin-healing, anti-inflammatory properties, but it's demulcent action makes it a great plant to soothe our internal organs as well. This cold, soothing, demulcent property can cause a mild laxative effect. Chickweed is also astringent so it tones and tightens tissues. It cleanses the blood and assists in detoxification.

Stinging Nettles | a superb nourishing plant. Full of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. It's signature gift is it's high content of iron. Gently cleanses and builds the blood. Often used to help relieve muscle and joint pain (arthritis), urinary tract and reproductive issues, eczema, hay fever symptoms, and so much more. Many herbalists say, "If in doubt, use nettles".

use: take 1 teaspoon by mouth once or twice a day.

*Mix with water if you are concerned with the acid on your teeth's enamel. Otherwise, you can take it straight to feel the heat, then follow up with a swish of water in your mouth.

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4 fl oz.

INGREDIENTS | apple cider vinegar, local honey, dandelion flowers, leaves and root, chickweed, turmeric, rosemary, stinging nettles, sage, parsley, basil

caution: not recommended for children under the age of 12. not for use in pregnancy.

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