Our Gardens

(Jody's harvest from her garden May 25, 2021)

From Seed to Blossom is our tagline for good reason.

Gardening is what fills our souls and inspires creations. Gardening can teach us so much about patience, planning, letting go, trusting and reaping. Jody began her first garden in 1998. As a young new homeowner, she learned a lot of things that year. The most humbling thing is, every year is new and we will always continue to learn. We are never a master, always a learner. Nature is our biggest teacher. One of Jody’s favorite things is selecting seeds over the Winter and sourcing organic plants from local nurseries. When we plan, we focus on what can sustain our families, our family's medicine and what can we use in some of our body-care and rituals.

(Elderberry and Roses growing together at the Cottage, May 14, 2021)

We also tend a tiny garden just out front of the Cottage where we grow Rosemary, Lavender, Roses, Sage, Strawflowers, Zinnias, Mint, Lemon balm and our dear Elderberry. We use some of these botanicals in our Handmade Plant Bundles.

(Mugwort harvest for our Handmade Plant Bundles)


Harvest from Jody's garden, Summer 2020