ancient wisdom | ancestors | lost or hidden knowledge

This blend is emotionally focused for connecting to deep wisdom - from ancestors or past lives. This essence was developed because the lost wisdom is sometimes what we need during certain phases of life. We are a part of our lineage and sometimes answers lie within seeking that family line. This is also a suitable blend to work with past lives as well. Of all the lives you lived, what did you learn? What patterns are repeating? The flowers from the plants hold the essence of the plants healing benefits and do their work in emotional, spiritual or sometimes physical healing. As a wisdom blend, this essence functions on a spiritual level to encourage a person to meditate, go within, and do inner-healing to find the answers to your questions. 

Kid and Pregnancy Friendly | made without alcohol

DIRECTIONS | Add two to four drops to water, liquid, or directly under tongue up to four times per day. Or, squeeze one dropperful into your water and drink throughout the day. 

1 fl. oz.

INGREDIENTS | distilled water, apple cider vinegar, essence of: marigold, ginko leaf and amethyst

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