All across the world, cultures believe in something often referred to as the Evil Eye. It's often felt as a curse brought on by a malevolent glare - a jealous person or someone who has ill intentions towards you. These cultures believe that in receiving the Evil Eye, you will experience bad luck or injury. The Evil Eye symbol varies slightly from region to region but collectively the Evil Eye was such a powerful belief that it's prominently placed in homes, drinking vessels, talismans, amulets, and carvings - only to name a few. Unexplained misfortune is often the belief that someone is envious or sending you bad intentions. The symbol is believed to ward the evil away and deflect it back.

Body oil is one of the most useful forms of magic when applied with intention and/or prayer. This oil was created with strong intention for protection, but as a perfume it stands on it's own with it's magical aroma. This oil will transport you. It's beautiful blue hue is a symbol of protection from the Evil Eye and to feel faith that you are protected. Faith is an inside job but tools can become such a partnered ritual when paired with our thoughts. Our roller balls are very transportable and easy to apply throughout the day. Don't hesitate to reapply all day long. We highly suggest you hold positive loving thoughts and create an affirmation or protective prayer based on your own belief system. See affirmation below if you need a little assistance in wording.

Infused with Moonstone crystal which assists in balancing your emotions and calming down. It invites divine feminine energy and motherly protection.

Essential oils chosen are for spiritual protection, good luck and intuition.

Oils | Clove, Tulsi, Palo Santo, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary
Color | Blue Mica
Crystal | Moonstone

Use: We suggest you apply your Evil Eye oil on the area of your body in which feels best to you. Some days you may feel like applying your oil to your feet, while other days you are compelled to oil your wrists, chest and neck.

"I am grounded, sovereign and divinely protected. I stand in my power and no one has negative or toxic influence over me, my health, my home, my family, my choices and my friends. I am shielded and call on any and all negative energy to be transmuted to love and peace".

Packaged in an eco-friendly, recyclable box.

.33 fl. oz.

INGREDIENTS | apricot kernel oil, essential oils of: clove, tulsi, palo santo, ylang ylang, rosemary; mica, moonstone crystal

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