This blend is emotionally focused for the root center. This essence was developed because we found a pattern of people not feeling safe around other peoples' negative energy. We carefully selected a family of plants that assist in protection. The flowers from the plants hold the essence of the plants healing benefits and do their work in emotional, spiritual or sometimes physical healing. As a protective blend, this essence functions on a spiritual level to encourage a person to feel less defensive and vulnerable and to raise their vibrations. For children, it assists with courage. 

Kid and Pregnancy Friendly | small amounts of alcohol are used to preserve the product, so we recommend only dropping one or two drops a day into a drink or drop one drop onto your wrist pulse points. 

DIRECTIONS | Add two to four drops to water, liquid, or directly under tongue up to four times per day. Or, squeeze one dropperful into your water and drink throughout the day. 

1 fl. oz.

INGREDIENTS | Rose water, brandy, infusions of: Rose of Sharon, Mugwort, Nastortium, amethyst