This homeopathic flower essence formula is the most gentle way of inviting flower magic into your life. It's safe enough for children, pets and during pregnancy.

patience | tolerance | nervousness | inner tension

Reach for Patience Drops when you're finding it difficult to cope with the speed of a situation and irritability of matters at a whole. This blend offers assistance with persistence, patience and staying the course. Oftentimes, impatience comes from us wanting to control the outcome. Pull back with some help from the impatiens flower. Soften irritability and anger and let it be. When it feels like everything is slowing you down, impatiens can allow you to surrender and trust.

how to use: Add four drops to water, liquid, or directly under tongue up to four times per day.

1 fl. oz.
vegan | non-alcohol | gluten free

INGREDIENTS | vegetable based glycerin, celestite crystal-infused distilled water, essence of: impatiens

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