When you think of being kissed by an angel, it's protection, uplifting, and tranquil - that's what we had in mind when creating this blend. Angelica is often called the Archangel herb and associated with the angels Michael and Gabriel. We believe the herb is a tribute to all archangels and has a calm, yet strong, energetic presence. Angelica is an herb with a deep history and folklore surrounding the herb for its spiritual protection and is grown in gardens to protect one's home. Others say the herb can be used to increase clairvoyance and encourage visions. Lemongrass is a scent loved by so many of our customers! It's an uplifting and refreshing scent. This is an herb we grow every year so we thought it was only natural to include both the essential oil and plant material into our roller balls. Spiritually, this herb is said to clear up any obstacles standing in your way, assist with communication issues, act as a road opener, and increase luck. Rose geranium has a gentle sweet scent that is a go-to when we are feeling anxious.

QUALITIES | uplifting, peaceful, tranquil, and calming

Roll onto skin where you would normally apply perfume or behind neck. It's always more powerful if you make an affirmation while you roll the oil on. For example, "I am safe and feel protected and grounded."

INGREDIENTS | apricot oil, angelica, rose geranium, and lemongrass essential oils, dried lemongrass, dried jasmine flower, amethyst stone

External use only. Do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding.

.33 fl. oz.

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