By Natalie Embiscuso

The Mystical Blossoms brand is turning seven and there’s a lot to celebrate! As a team, we’ve reflected on how much we’ve grown, and it’s been an opportunity for Jody and Michaline to continue to share their story with the community. Owning and operating a small business is a deeply personal labor of love and something that takes more than just a dream. Dreams are important, but they can feel lofty and faraway. This company was built by two sisters nurturing a vision and being specific about the work they wanted to do and how they wanted their lives to feel.

For Jody, the garden has always been a sacred space. Growing up in Burlington, New Jersey she spent a lot of time with her grandmother and it was her grandmother’s brother, Grimmy, who got her excited about gardening. Jody would start her own garden at age 20 after buying her first home, using all her extra cash to buy flowers. Michaline moved into that home, shared that first garden, and would go on to tend her own after purchasing her first home. They both have incredibly lush and dynamic gardens to this day!

Though their love for plants and flowers is and was always present, you might say the real seed was planted in 2013 after signing up for a local college course on Reiki.  Not sure what to expect, they were both overwhelmed by how resonate the experience felt. In fact, Jody cites this as the moment that awoke her psychic abilities. The pair would continue to take classes on crystals, energy healing, and herbalism. With every new learning, there was a fire being stoked inside them and a burning desire to bring plants to their community. 

It was 2016 when they would sit down to make some of their first herbal offerings many of the items we still carry today. Products like our chakra rollers and herb bundles were formulated with one eye on the customer, even then.They would take notes at vending events, asking themselves, “what do people need?”. By the time they started vending, Michaline had designed their logo and the slogan, “From Seed to Blossom”.  She was still working for an ad agency and had graduated from college with a degree in Graphic Design. Seeing projects through from start to finish was an aspect of her job that inspired this message, something about being a part of every moment of a project felt meaningful.

There’s often a push to rush, but everything takes time and just because being specific is important doesn’t mean that there should be attachment to one outcome. Jody and Michaline understood this and over the next few years allowed their vision to unfurl as they continued to vend. In 2019, their once traveling venture would grow roots and find a permanent home at what we now know as The Cottage. Both women would do energy healings and Jody would offer readings in the space. They filled the store with their offerings, jewelry, some crystals, but most importantly they filled it with intention and love.

They didn’t always know exactly what Mystical Blossoms would be or even that it would exist, but it seems they always knew they wanted to be in business together and to create an experience. I am admittedly biased, but I’d say they did it.  Learning about the company from a Google search after moving to the area, I knew I had found what I was looking for as soon as I walked through the door. Dried herbs and flowers adorned the walls and it was Michaline who greeted me with the sounds of Stevie Nicks singing in the background. I still remember that day vividly, the way I felt in that space was magic.

That real magic has only continued to grow. Growth suggests expansion and that definitely happened, they moved into a larger space and added team members. More importantly, they evolved. The Covid pandemic meant difficult times for small businesses everywhere, yet they continued to adjust, to show up, and to serve the community. From the carefully crafted bars of soap to the thoughtful tea blends, there will always be an energy of service and self care in this work. I am reminded of Jody’s prayer to Spirit in the woodlands of Vermont at a time when all of this was just a dream. “I will help people”, she said, “I will do this. I want to bring plants to the people. Please, help me do this work.”. With this in mind I know we’re not the only ones excited to be celebrating seven years of Mystical Blossoms, but that the Universe is cheering us on, too!