This homeopathic flower essence formula is the most gentle way of inviting flower magic into your life. It's safe enough for children, pets and during pregnancy.

enhances sensuality + intimacy | catalyst for change | self love
conquer obstacles | awaken goddess

Orchids are soft and sensual. They are show stoppers with an intoxicating existence. People are so captivated by her beauty that they often wait patiently for her to bloom. However, the orchid isn't for everyone. Often times, they can get discarded because blooms die off and the person is too impatient to wait and nurture her for her next chance to bloom. Therefore, Orchid isn't about a fast easy-fix. She represents the process of nurturing. Keepers of orchids are patient, believe in beauty and wait for the waterfall of colors to appear. Orchids are soft, exotic and take their time. They love a certain temperature and strive when given what it is needed. These are the lessons of the orchid.If you feel stale, rushed, ordinary and easily discarded or overlooked, we recommend working with Orchid flower essence. This flower helps to tap into the divine feminine and that inner beautiful Goddess wanting to be set free.

how to use: Add four drops to water, liquid, or directly under tongue up to four times per day.

1 fl. oz.
vegan | non-alcohol | gluten free

INGREDIENTS | vegetable based glycerin, rose quartz-infused distilled water, essence of: orchid

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