This homeopathic flower essence formula is the most gentle way of inviting flower magic into your life. It's safe enough for children, pets and during pregnancy.

manifesting your deepest desires | welcoming abundance | infinite possibilities

This blend is emotionally focused for manifesting your deepest desires. Only you know what those desires are and can work with this essence to call forth those intentions. It's highly recommended that you use the energy of the New Moon to create your own ritual in using the essence. New Moons are about dreaming up what it is you want in the next chapter of your life.

What are you calling in? Is it a new job, new love, new home, financial abundance?

Perhaps you take a specific amount of drops during the same timeframe of each day for a limited amount of days, you write your desires on a piece of paper and keep it under your water, drink your water and visualize it as if it has already happened. Feel the emotions and whisper your intentions into your water as well.

how to use: Add four drops to water, liquid, or directly under tongue up to four times per day.

1 fl. oz.
vegan | non-alcohol | gluten free

INGREDIENTS | vegetable based glycerin, crystal-infused distilled water (purple flower jasper, serpentine, black agate), essence of: dandelion, buttercup, comfrey, speedwell, mugwort, grape leaf

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