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Kid and Pregnancy Friendly | made without alcohol

DIRECTIONS | Add two to four drops to water, liquid, or directly under tongue up to four times per day. Or, squeeze one dropperful into your water and drink throughout the day.

heart center opener | compassion | give and receive love

It's a common habit to let logic block our heart's desires. Trust that your heart can make decisions and that what is manifested will be for the highest good. This blend is emotionally focused for the heart center. This essence was developed because we've found emotional trauma to be a common issue with everyone at one point or another. We carefully selected a family of plants that assist in emotional transformation. The flowers from the plants hold the essence of the plants healing benefits and do their work in emotional, spiritual or sometimes physical healing. As a heart blend, this essence is a loving way to open up to who you are without blockages and to just listen.


1 fl. oz.

INGREDIENTS | distilled water, Rose water, apple cider vinegar, infusions of: Sunflowers, Forsythia, Hyacinths, Yarrow, Black-Eyed Susan, rose quartz

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