Take a five minute time-out to breathe in a relaxing herbal blend while softening skin, opening pores, and releasing impurities. Breathe Face Steam will transport you to a deeply relaxed state-of-mind and makes the perfect weekly self-care ritual. Beautifully packaged in a durable pillow box for gifting to yourself or someone you love and it is recyclable.

yields 4 - 6 steams


Use after washing face with a gentle cleanser.

Place one tablespoon of botanicals in a large bowl. Add three cups of boiling water. Let sit for one minute to cool down a bit. Drape towel over your head and the bowl, allowing the steam to rise up onto your face. Keep face about five inches from the water. Steam for a maximum of five minutes. If you have cystic acne, steam for no longer than one minute.

Enjoy this soothing ritual once a week.

Follow up with a toner and face serum/ moisturizer.

Give the used herbs back to the earth.

INGREDIENTS | tulsi, mint, calendula petals, lavender buds, rose petals, rosemary leaves, chamomile buds, yarrow flowers, and eucalyptus

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