The Cottage

THURS + FRI / 12-7
SAT + SUN / 11-5
This sacred place was our first location and home of The Soul Apothecary.  The walls hold incredible power and have held space for different visions to unfold over the years.  We've loved, shared, healed, and grown here as a team and as a community!  Since moving to Main Street we've been inspired to reimagine this spot and after reflection are happy to present the new concept, "Big Botanical Energy" at The Cottage.
This means using our gardens to create whimsical offerings inspired by plants.  There is ritual in the ways we decorate our spaces, something we've practiced as we've nurtured this new chapter.  Herbs and flowers are high vibrational and when integrated can create a huge impact in any room!  We hang dried flowers and herbs because it adds color and life, a truth that helped to grow our dream for this space.  We are working with local farms, artists, and makers to bring products that can invite this magic in YOUR home.  Offerings include home decor, pottery, floral gifts, crystals, and more!  
There has always been something unique and special about The Cottage - it feels so warm, cozy, and happy.  We've worked hard to elevate the mystical energy that is already so alive in this place.  Come visit and experience a magic all its own in a place that feels like home!