Everyone can use a little zen in their life. Zen Kit is the perfect gift for someone who appreciates a healthy dose of natural support for stress and anxiety. Lavender Zen Drops are taken on the tongue or can be dropped in a soothing tea or water. These drops are made with lavender buds, chamomile, lemon balm, tulsi (a.k.a. holy basil), mint and glycerin. Zen Drops are most noted for promoting relaxation but having a bottle on hand could be used in a pinch for so many situations. We always have a bottle in our travel first aid kits and home apothecary cabinets!

Breathe Aromatherapy Inhaler smells refreshing and invigorating! For times you just want to stop and reset your mood or in times of sinus, cold, or headache relief, inhale our Breathe aromatherapy inhaler for a natural solution. Very portable and convenient. It's compact design allows discreet use without spreading scents throughout the air. Packaged in a beautiful pillow box for gift-giving, with a lovely reminder of how important our breath is.


1. LAVENDER ZEN DROPS | 2 fl. ounces | ingredients: vegetable glycerin, tulsi, lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, mint

2. BREATHE HERBAL AROMATHERAPY INHALER | essential oils used: eucalyptus, peppermint, fir needle, Italian lemon, cardamom and laurel leaf.

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