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The embodiment of the Queen of Wands tarot, this tea is a confident and energetic force in our collection. This blend begins with Earl Grey black tea which gets its unique flavor from bergamot oil. Lavender compliments this dynamic flavor with its aromatic floral notes and adds benefits as a calming nervine. Many know calendula as a healing topical herb, however it’s also soothing to tissue when taken internally. It is especially supportive for digestive irritation, such as ulcers or candida. The orange peel lends its lovely citrus flavor and is rich in vitamins.

TASTE PROFILE | Bright citrus flavors from the orange peel play with the light, floral notes from the lavender. These are balanced by the depth of the Earl Grey tea.

32 servings

Pour boiling water over tea and let steep for up to 6 minutes.
This blend features black tea which is delicious with milk, perfect for a London fog-esque latte. Add our Lavender Infused Honey for a sweetness that compliments the other tasting notes.

INGREDIENTS | calendula, Earl Grey black tea, orange peel, lavender

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