Lavender Zen Drops is a relaxing elixer made with lavender buds, chamomile, lemon balm, tulsi (a.k.a. holy basil), mint and glycerin. Lavender is calming, yet uplifting. Lavender assists with allowing us to get out of our heads and move into the world with confidence and clarity. Zen Drops are most noted for promoting relaxation but having a bottle on hand could be used in a pinch for so many situations. We always have a bottle in our travel first aid kits and home apothecary cabinets!

Lavender is carminative (relieves gas) and anti-inflammatory. Because lavender is slightly bitter and aromatic, you could take several drops if you overeat or feel bloated. Lavender also helps relieve headaches for most people.

Tulsi is known as holy Basil in India and is consumed for countless uses. Known as "the incomparable one" and the "queen of herbs". One of the many benefits is brain health and staying alert. It's also aides in helping the body deal with stress.

Chamomile is known to help with sleep quality, digestion, lower stress and even reduce menstrual cramps

At the onset of frustration, anxiety or anger a few drops of Zen Drops could sweeten the situation a little. Looking to wind down a little? Why not use a dropperful for an aphrodisiac?! Take directly or add to a cocktail.

dosage: take 10 to 30 drops as needed up to 3 times per day.


aphrodisiac drops

cocktail addition


nighttime routine

before meditation

in stressful times

add to a cup of tea


INGREDIENTS | vegetable glycerin, tulsi, lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, mint

2 fl. oz. | keep out of reach of children and pets


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