This homeopathic flower essence formula is the most gentle way of inviting flower magic into your life. It's safe enough for children, pets and during pregnancy.

self-worth | security | early childhood trauma | ability to connect + receive love

Sometimes it's hard to pick up the pieces and heal. Childhood trauma effects so many people and it can effect relationships on every level. Allow ivy and primrose to guide you through a healing journey. Ivy is strong and supportive while primrose raises the awareness to where the hurt stems from. Sometimes the hidden hurt needs to come to light and acknowledged. Primrose reminds you that you are so worthy of love and nothing that's ever happened can change that. Primrose is a flower of rebirth. Ivy is so strong and rooted that it's virtually indestructible. Together this duo weaves a beautiful relationship for reconnecting to yourself.

how to use: Add four drops to water, liquid, or directly under tongue up to four times per day.

1 fl. oz.
vegan | non-alcohol | gluten free

INGREDIENTS | vegetable based glycerin, red jasper-infused distilled water, essence of: ivy and primrose

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