We believe the mind is the most powerful thing we possess - a blend formulated for brain cognition and clarity. Therefore, meditation and connecting to one’s higher self is the most important practice there is. This blend is ideal to include in a meditation ritual or use daily to improve memory and brain function. Whether it's the spiritual aspect of awareness to gain clarity on a matter or the physical realm of improving memory, this tea offers plants that heighten those intentions.

TASTE PROFILE | Epiphany yields a sweet and bitter taste combined. Rosemary is dominant, which has a taste like no other - notes of evergreen combined with citrus and mint. Lavender balances the flavor with a subtle aromatic floral note.

32 servings

Pour boiling water over tea diffuser and let steep for 7 to 10 minutes.

Add a touch of lavender infused honey for a sweeter experience. Serve hot or cold. CAFFEINE FREE

INGREDIENTS | gotu kola, tulsi, rosemary, lavender, clary sage, blue cornflower, butterfly pea flower

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