tea blend

This is cold season's tea. And if you didn't know it was a lung-loving tea, you would just want to drink this because it's so darn good. You can certainly drink it daily. Ashwagandha is a highly valued plant for it's adaptogenic properties - it aids with your ability to cope with stress and overall cognitive health. Mullein is one of our favorite plants because of it's expectorant qualities, making it easier for the lungs to expel mucus. Marshmallow root and plantain are soothing herbs - it's what you would want if you're struggling with a dry cough, sore throat or allergies. Nettles are full of minerals, which is what you want when feeling depleted. Tulsi (holy basil) is a natural immune booster and keeps infection at bay. It also helps you to focus. It's a plant we love to use for focus, clarity and opening up intuition. Helichrysum is the beautiful yellow flower you will find in your tea. Just the sight of it brings joy, but it's physical benefits are plenty. We chose to use it in this formula for it's taste and it's anti-inflammatory properties. It also calms and eases the mind.

TASTE PROFILE | Ascend has a smooth, almost sweet taste. Marshmallow root, nettles and mullein leaf add an earthy grassy note. The helichrysum adds a nice balance with it's potent floral note. Tulsi adds a slightly sweet and uplifting taste. This is a very balanced tea that's enjoyable without sweetener. However, honey would boost the soothing benefits even more.

32 servings

Pour boiling water over tea diffuser and let steep for 5 minutes.

Add a touch of lavender infused honey for a sweeter experience and to soothe a sore throat. Serve hot or cold. If you're treating a cold or sore throat, warm or very warm is best – and most calming.

INGREDIENTS | tulsi, ashwagandha, cinnamon, plantain, mullein, helichrysum, marshmallow root, nettles

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