Vetiver, also known as the oil of tranquility, is an incredible, burnable herb. Sourced mainly from Haiti, this plant is in the grass family, and is grown to prevent soil erosion. After a year of growth, the roots are harvested, dried, and bundled. Farmers in Haiti come together to grow this herb, and the purchase of it helps to nurture the community to which they belong. It is important that we are sourcing this by sustainable means; this is especially true as other burnables, such as White Sage, are over harvested and endangered. We want to protect plants like these as they are a sacred part of Indigenous culture. Vetiver grows so prolifically, making it a great alternative.

Vetiver has a beautifully complex fragrance. It is layered, both woodsy and sweet, a calming aroma. Vetiver is cleansing like White Sage, and also grounding. It has the capacity to move us into a higher mental state, to shift our vibrations.

Try burning this herb before bed to help with interrupted sleep. Take a moment to smell the bundle before burning; you can already begin to feel a sense of calm. Look at the dried roots and observe their texture, the broom-like bundle ready to sweep your mind of its worries and fears. Burning this herb is an act of self care, something that is deepened by our awareness that trading this good helps support communities that may be experiencing trauma. 

Omnius Beard Oil is one of our products that contains Vetiver, and it’s another way to incorporate this plant into your daily routine.  This oil is great for your hair, skin, and beard - places that may need moisture.  It is vitamin-rich and contains many elements to ensure your senses are calm and relaxed.

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