Instantly recharge, revitalize and exfoliate your skin.
Take your bath and shower to a deep meditative state. We infuse our oil in deep relaxing herbs for weeks and then after filtering it, add it to pink himalayan sea salt, epsom salt and dead sea salt for a body scrub that is fit for a goddess. Jody charges the final product with crystal bowl vibrations. It relaxes the senses, exfoliates and moisturizes skin.

INGREDIENTS | rose, lavender, elderflower, plantain, chamomile and proprietary plants infused in extra virgin olive oil, almond oil, himalayan sea salt, epsom salt, sugar, hibiscus, beet root, essential oils of: lavender, rose and rose geranium.

TO USE | Massage a handful onto skin and gently rub. Leave on for about a minute to allow the herbs and oils to penetrate and completely hydrate. Rinse.

Keep water out of jar and keep in a dry place after use.

8 oz.

Packaged in an 8 ounce capacity reusable glass jar.
Please reuse or recycle this lovely jar.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children & pets. Do not ingest.

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