This Evil Eye Box was curated with thought and care.
As healers, we believe we all can self-heal and get a little better each day with tools and positive intentions. There are many beliefs and cultures across the world that all agree that external forces may sometimes be the cause of illness, bad luck, physical pain and other negative events that happen in life. By no means do we encourage any form of negativity, because we personally adhere to the practice of sending kindness and love out to the world, even our enemies. However, It's our own job to look out for ourselves and always have tools to feel empowered, especially when we feel down in the dumps, off-kilter and defeated.

Allow these tools to help transmute anything negative into positive and get you focused, grounded and empowered.

All across the world, cultures believe in something often referred to as the Evil Eye. It's often felt as a curse brought on by a malevolent glare - a jealous person or someone who has ill intentions towards you. These cultures believe that in receiving the Evil Eye, you will experience bad luck or injury. The Evil Eye symbol varies slightly from region to region but collectively the Evil Eye was such a powerful belief that it's prominently placed in homes, drinking vessels, talismans, amulets, and carvings - only to name a few. Unexplained misfortune is often the belief that someone is envious or sending you bad intentions. The symbol is believed to ward the evil away and deflect it back.

Evil Eye Roller Ball
Evil Eye Whipped Soap
Crystal Carnelian Flame
Evil Eye Glass Charm


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