Kit includes one palo santo stick and one .5 ounce flower essence.

How to use | burn palo santo before bed or meditation with the intention of reaching out to your ancestors for guidance or understanding what wisdom you hold in your purpose. This is to assist in remembering why you are here.

Flower essences are subtle and work on the emotional level, so one drop daily is all you will need and repetition and intention with each use will allow your desire to manifest much stronger. Perhaps you come up with your own affirmation daily that you vocalize and hold within your heart before or after you use your essence.

Limited Edition | Made on 2018 Samhain

DIRECTIONS | Place one drop of essence into your water and drink throughout the day. Or place one drop of essence on tongue before bed.

.5 fl. oz.

INGREDIENTS | Distilled water, brandy, essence of: Marigold, Ginko Leaf and Amethyst

  • $15.00