Our smudge sticks and loose smudge are two of our top sellers. A smudge stick is a bundle of dried herbs tied tightly together with string. Our loose smudge is the same concept except it's sprinkled on a heated, charcoal disc to burn. Scroll through images to watch the video. Loose smudge can be used a number of ways. Sprinkle in a bowl by bed to induce lucid dreaming, enjoy a pinch in your bath, place in a bowl with crystals for it's aroma and beauty.

On the FULL MOON, you can burn your smudge to release anything that no longer serves you. You are releasing those intentions out into the universe.

On the NEW MOON, you can burn your smudge to set an intention of what you want to draw into your life.

To Burn: Sprinkle your loose smudge on a heated, charcoal disc.

Video included to show you how to burn on the disc.

Our loose smudge is made with care, by Jody, from herbs in our garden. Enclosed is a combination of some of the following: white sage, cedar, lavender, yarrow, mugwort, roses, pine and other botanicals.

  • $10.00